Market Cocktails at Cannon Green

You know that we have farm-to-table cuisine, but did you know that we also have farm-to-table drinks? You can eat and drink local at Cannon Green. We debut market cocktails every two weeks that feature products made by local vendors. What better way to celebrate local Charleston businesses than with cocktails inspired by their products?


Here’s a delicious market cocktail that made it to the full time drink list.  The Tuscan Smash was our very first market cocktail. It was so popular, we had no choice but to keep it full time.  The Tuscan Smash is the brainchild of our very own Hilary Curry, and it features Striped Pig gin, Jack Rudy  tonic, basil, orange, and cherry tomatoes. It’s a savory spirit you won’t want to miss!

Last week we featured our local twist on the classic margarita, but don’t feel sad if you missed it– we’ve got another great cocktail on the menu this week. Hilary  is working on a sweet concoction with strawberry and vanilla. Like what you hear? Come try it during Happy Hour from 5-7 pm, Tuesday – Thursday.

We’ll see you at the bar.

Photo credit: Jonathan Boncek

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