Get to Know DJ Trevor D

DJ Trevor D is a frequent performer at Cannon Green’s Beats & Brunch. We asked him a few questions about what he loves about DJ-ing, Charleston, and Cannon Green! Read our interview with him below!

Q&A With DJ Trevor D

How did you get into DJ-ing?
I am a Charleston Native and have always been interested in music. My first paying DJ gig was at Stardust Skating Rink back when I was still in high school.

What has been your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration, the person responsible for my deep love for music, was my Nana, Marie Donovan. She taught me piano and how to read music.

What do you love about being a DJ?
I love the challenge. Every gig that I DJ at is different and every venue is different. Different music, different people, different vibes. I love the diversity of it all. You never get bored in this industry.

What challenges are you facing as a DJ today?
The biggest challenge for any DJ is the fact that things are ever changing. Music constantly changes so you have to be up to date on whats hot and current.

What advice would you give to up and coming DJs?
Don’t do it! (KIDDING!) Start small and grow. Invest in your equipment and take care of it! Always treat people with respect and never act like you are better than the next person!

What do you love about Charleston and Cannon Green?
I love Charleston because it is my home but I am in love with Charleston because of the balance of history and culture. And that is why I love Cannon Green. They incorporated history with the design! The staff is awesome and there isn’t another place like it in Charleston!

What’s your favorite thing about the music in Charleston?
I love the diversity of it.

What’s your favorite item on the brunch menu at Cannon Green?
They have the best biscuits and gravy I’ve ever had!

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