Cachaça Collins

If you’ve ever dreamed about attending Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, we have the cocktail for you.

Just one sip of our Cachaça Collins will transport you to the streets of Copacabana echoing with the sounds of samba.

The Cachaça Collins is our Latin twist on the classic Tom Collins – traditionally made with gin, lemon juice, sugar and carbonated water.

We swap out gin for cachaça, the national spirit of Brazil made from distilled sugarcane juice, and then add in a splash of St. Germaine elderflower liquor to draw out floral qualities and provide a touch of sweetness.  A squeeze of lemon adds a citrus pop.

Photo by Jonathan Boncek

After shaking well and straining into a highball glass, we add a drop of blue butterfly pea flower extract which magically turns purple when it comes into contact with citrus. This unexpected surprise adds a little flair to the drink – a nod to the colorful sequins, satins and jewels that adorn the samba costumes during Carnival.

Come try Cachaça Collins now on the menu at Cannon Green

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