Portrait of an Artist: Blakely Little

In our new Portrait of an Artist series, we’re stepping out of the kitchen to catch up with the artists of Cannon Green.

It’s hard to tell what sparks more positivity: Charleston artist Blakely Little herself or her glistening and brilliant paintings that hang on her studio walls. Both the artist and her work seem to radiate a warmth from deep inside.

“When I was little, my mom always asked me what color my words were to teach me to stay positive,” Little explains. “The happy, joyful words were always bright colors.” It’s those emotions she tries to capture in her paintings — and succeeds at. Bright colors juxtapose the serene beach scenes; neon marshes capture heightened sunsets on the marshes.“I was once told that my paintings are like a deep breath,” Blakely explains. And for the artist, that’s exactly what she wants to convey. “When I’m out on the water, I feel like I can breathe and escape the clutter of life,” she adds.

Little’s palette is also what drew Cannon Green owner Anne Bowen Dabney to commission one of her paintings for the restaurant. Until recently, Blakely worked at Anne’s floral design business, Charleston Stems. She’s given up her green thumb to focus on her art full time. Anne had nothing but praise for Blakely, saying she “excels in logistics and kept us on our game. She, of course, can also make a mean flower arrangement and helped us keep our weekly flower installations at Cannon Green looking great.”

Anne’s first introduction to Blakely was via email when she applied for an internship at Charleston Stems while she was doing a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. She ended the email with her resume attached, and Anne was surprised to see how much they had in common. Beyond the CofC Art Department, they are both from the same hometown and had both taught sailing. Blakely says that normally Anne doesn’t like to have an intern, but their similarities were too much of a coincidence, so Anne gave her the internship!

Set against the clean lines and neutral decor of our Spring Street eatery, Little’s painting — along with two others — adds a pop of color to the space and complements Chef Amalia Scatena’s fresh and innovative cuisine.To see Little’s painting, head to Cannon Green. It pairs perfectly with a summer evening, hand-crafted cocktail in hand, while sharing plates amongst friends.


View More: http://nataliefranke.pass.us/blakely-little

View More: http://nataliefranke.pass.us/blakely-little



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Cannon Green Photography by Anne Rhett Photography
Artist Portrait + Paintings by 
Natalie Franke Photography

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